Here for You

Here to help you – that’s me.  I love pregnancy, birth, and babies.  I have a passion to help healthy babies come into the world, and I do by helping you have a great pregnancy and a safe, satisfying birth.  I’ve researched and written about pregnancy and childbirth for over a decade now.

Of course, I also have plenty of “hands on” experience, too.
I know for a fact that a smart, enthusiastic woman can do a lot to make sure her pregnancy is fantastic — healthy and happy.  The steps you take during pregnancy make a big difference for your baby.  You can go step-by-step to grow a vibrant, healthy baby.  You can follow proven steps to feeling confident and in control during birth.  Best of all?  All of this helps you bond with your baby and enjoy being a new mom (or mom-again).

Some moms are great after they read a pregnancy book or two.  But others want more.  If you want somebody to be there with you as you go through the joy of pregnancy (and the crying spells that come sometimes), somebody to go to for tried-and-true advice, somebody to be a friend, I’m here for you.

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Kristen and Sadie