About Kristen

My name is Kristen Burgess, and I’m a wife and mom.I loved babies and children even as a little girl. I wanted to babysit as soon as possible. I started devouring baby and parenting magazines when I was a young teenager, and often found time to slip in a baby care book along with my school studies!

People said then, and still say now, that I have a baby obsession!

As I reached my older teen years I became very interested in natural birth and spent a lot of time studying everything I could get my hands on.

Healthy Pregnancy

Having my first baby was an amazing experience for me on so many levels. I discovered the joy of motherhood and the excitement of preparing for a new baby. I also realized how important it was to care for myself properly during pregnancy.

I discovered that I really did have a lot of control over the outcome of my baby’s birth — and I made a big impact on my baby’s health by the choices I made.

Many Sweet Babies

I’m now looking back at my early years of dreaming and reading, and that first special pregnancy, from over a decade of intense study (and five babies of my own!)

Each pregnancy and birth experience has taught me something, and helped me get more and more committed to healthy pregnancy and prepared childbirth. Even my hardest pregnancy humbled me and taught me so much about how to have a healthy baby even with an emotionally and physically challenging 40 weeks.

I still feel passionate about natural birth, but as I’ve studied and worked with moms, I find I’m even more passionate about helping moms feel in control as they prepare for safe, satisfying birth experiences. No two births are ever alike, and I encourage you to embrace that.

Your pregnancies, like mine, are each unique — but each can be a wonderful experience, even through challenges. You can have a satisfying birth, even if you find yourself unsure of exactly how you want your birth to go… Even if you feel some fear… Even if you think it hurts!

My greatest desire, after serving the Lord and raising my family, is to help bring healthy babies into the world. I believe that giving moms the step-by-step support they need to care for themselves during pregnancy is a key to that. Empowering a mother with what she needs to care for herself and to truly prepare for a safe birth and a healthy baby is my passion and purpose.