What You Do During Pregnancy Matters

The steps you take towards keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy have a huge impact on the health of your baby.  Did you know that what you eat is the biggest way to determine your baby’s health at birth?  It’s even more true if you’re expecting twins (or more).  Research proves there’s a direct correlation between nutrition and baby health.  It doesn’t stop there – diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices all impact your baby, your birth experience, and how you feel during pregnancy.

It can feel overwhelming sometimes.  Not only are you bringing a child into the world to care for for the next eighteen years, you’re also totally responsible for giving your child the healthiest start possible.  How can you possible make sure you’re doing it right?

Don’t let this overwhelming feeling take over — the truth is, your baby’s dependence on you is a great thing!  You have so much control over your pregnancy and your baby’s health.  It’s yours just for the taking!  This is your opportunity to shine… to literally have that pregnancy glow.  You can confidently plan what you’ll eat, how you’ll handle normal pregnancy discomforts, and you can prepare for childbirth with all the facts and proven methods for having a safe, satisfying birth.

Maybe you’ve read a lot on pregnancy and birth.  You know you want to do the very best for your baby, but you’re still feeling overwhelmed.  It doesn’t matter if your pregnancy was planned or an unexpected surprise — it can feel like an awesome responsibility!  Sometimes reading a book just isn’t enough to help you feel confident.  Trips to the doctor leave you wanting more information, more guidance… somebody who has been there and has effective, proven information on healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth.

That’s where I can help.  I love babies, and I’ve had five myself!  I gathered all the information I could with my first baby.  I was young, inexperienced, and told I knew nothing about pregnancy or babies.  So I was determined to beat the odds.  I had a fantastic, healthy pregnancy and a vibrant, healthy baby with the help of my midwife.  Since then I’ve been passionate about healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care.  I’ve written extensively on caring for yourself and your baby during pregnancy.  I’ve penned countless articles on how and why to prepare for natural birth.

But, my favorite thing to do is to work with moms through pregnancy and guide them towards the safe, empowering birth experience they want.  I love the stories they bring me — stories of feeling excited, elated, and accomplished once their vibrant, healthy babies are in their arms.  I would love to be there as a friend and adviser for you.

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Kristen and Honor

Honor and me just after her birth!